Someday was a collaboration of over 30 film and music artists, who came together to inspire discussion and activism to end domestic violence. In creating the scenes of the music video, the cast and crew wanted to show, not only the abuse and need for change, but also the difficulty in making the choice to change family circumstances and seek help.

One in three women will experience domestic violence during their lifetime. The issue does not discriminate between race or gender. In New York City alone, at least 100,000 Asian women will be abused by their partner - emotionally, financially, physically, or sexually. Often, victims, whether through shame or fear, become experts at keeping their situation a secret from even the closest of friends and family.

In the United States, resources exist for all individuals - whether citizen, green card, or otherwise - to help those in need. Yet, domestic violence organizations face the difficult task of advertising to a public who may not want to talk about such a personal issue.

In this regard, the anonymity of the internet offers a solution. Please help us reach those in need by forwarding Someday as broadly as possible.